Science Junior Summer Camp

Welcome to the Science Junior Summer Camp! Consider this page your summer camp headquarters. Here you will find a camp schedule, how-to videos, and printable activities. Once you have completed all five days, print your camp completion certificate. Have a fun-tastic summer!

Print camp schedule!

Playing with a submarine

Day 1

Weddell Seal How-To Video

Day 2

Volcanoes How-To Video

Day 3

Elastic Force How-To Video

Day 4

Robots How-To Video

Day 5

Coral Reefs How-To Video

Full Camp Schedule


Print the camp schedule and check it frequently!


Camp Wristbands

Camp Wristbands

Letter from Camp


Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt


Follow the steps and learn how to draw Sofia & Sam’s scooter!


Follow the steps and learn how to draw a Weddell Seal!


Learn how to draw an erupting volcano!

Little Passports - Volcano


Science Walk

On your science walk, gather 5 differently colored rocks. Compare their texture, weight, and color. Do any have lines, holes, sharp sides, or other interesting features?

Science Walk

At different points on your science walk, stop and close your eyes. Pay close attention to the sounds you hear. Which sound was the loudest? The softest? The most pleasant?

Science Walk

On your science walk, pretend you’re discovering a new place. Name the areas you pass. For example, “the leafy gully.” Keep a lookout for unique creatures and plants to name, too!


When your fun-filled camp days are done, print and sign this Camp Completion Certificate.

Congratulations on completing Summer Camp!