¡Hola! (Hello!) Argentina is a country of lively culture and varied landscapes. It has part of the world’s longest mountain range (the Andes), a vast stretch of plains (the Pampas) and a barren desert called the Patagonia Desert. The people who live in Argentina are known for their strong love of fútbol (soccer), food, and dance.

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Sam and Sofia


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These fun songs are from the Putumayo Kids CD, Latin Dreamland and Latin Playground.

Fun Facts

The name Argentina comes from the Latin word for silver: argentum.

The Argentinosaurus, one of the largest dinosaurs to walk the Earth, was named after Argentina, where its bones were found.

The "9th of July" is an avenue in Buenos Aires that, in some sections, is 14 lanes wide. It's named for Argentina's Independence Day.

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Cueva Mano Counting

Notice the details in a wall of hand prints.

Little Passports - Argentina - Cueva de las Manos Activity

Empanada Recipe

Print to make easy and delicious beef empanadas.

Flag Garland

Color the flag of Argentina and make a flag garland.

Pen Pals

Our friend Matías, who lives in Argentina, wrote us a letter!

A plate of facturas. From left to right, pictured is a cañoncito, two alfajores and a medialuna.

Tell us about where you live!

I live in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. One of my favorite parts of living here is seeing the paseaperros, or dog walkers, who walk with as many as 15 perros (dogs) at the same time! It is a popular job in my neighborhood. I really want a perro (a dog), so when I see a cute one walk by, I point it out to my mamá.

Which area of Argentina is your favorite?

I like the Entre Ríos ranch land in Argentina directly north of Buenos Aires. It is in the Pampas region. Sometimes my family and I take a short vacation up there to ride horses and picnic. I always pretend that I am a gaucho, an Argentinian cowboy.

What do you like to eat?

I love sweet food, so I'll eat any kind of factura. A factura is a pastry from a panadería, or a bakery. My favorite one is called a medialuna, meaning half moon, because it is shaped like a crescent moon. It's buttery and leaves yummy sugar on my fingers.

Dinner is definitely my favorite meal, though. My family and I get together with my aunts and uncles who live nearby on Sundays for asado. It's a barbecue when we all grill a bunch of meat from nearby ranches. Every course is meat, but we always have salads to eat with them. It's so much fun because, as we grill, we all sit around and tell stories.